Welcome to Picklecoombe House

100% Unpastrised Raw Honey

Picklecoombe House is a working Apiary based in Leicestershire UK and specialises in honey and honey products from all over the world. All of Picklecoombes’ honey products are packed and processed by ourselves.

We understand nature so our honeys and Honey products are sourced wherever possible directly from beekeepers from all over the world . As beekeepers ourselves many of these suppliers are our personal friends which helps enormously with a stable and ethical supply.

All of our honey’s are not heat treated (pasteurised) and considered Raw as the honey temperature for extracting and packing never goes beyond 40℃ to 42℃ or average hive temperature ensuring the natural enzymes, antioxidants and other valuables properties of the honey remain intact.

All of our nutrient rich tasty Honeys are free from chemical residues and are GMO free