Welcome to Picklecoombe House

We understand nature so Picklecoombe’s Manuka honey is sourced directly from the beekeepers in remote and pristine areas of the north and south islands of New Zealand. As beekeepers ourselves many of these beekeepers are our personal friends which helps enormously with a stable and ethical supply.

Our Active Manuka Honeys naturally reach their activity level with no artificial manipulation and are minimally processed. All of our honey’s are not heat treated (pasteurised) and considered Raw as the honey temperature for extracting and packing never goes beyond 40℃ to 42℃ or average hive temperature ensuring the natural enzymes, antioxidants and other valuables properties of the honey remain intact.

Manuka Honey Activity ratings  5+, 10+, 15+ etc. relates to the antibacterial activity of naturally occurring compounds in Manuka Honey. At Picklecoombe House all of our Manuka Honeys have been tested by an independent laboratory and certified to give you confidence and confirmation of activity on the label.

All of our nutrient rich Honeys are free from chemical residues and are GMO free

From the beekeeper

Manuka honey is harvested exclusively in New Zealand from the Native Manuka Bush Leptospermum scoparium. Their flowers are generally white but some have a pink tint and are roughly the size of a penny. Manuka has been historically used by the Maori people and early European settlers for traditional remedies.