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GM and Chemical free,Just Natural Beeswax and Flaxseed wax Candles

• The premium and scented candle market focuses mainly on artificial or chemical oil scents and generally uses either traditional paraffin wax for pillar candles or soft soy wax for scented tins or ornamental glass candles.

• Whilst Soy is considered to be natural it generally cannot be given a GM free status due to product being blended from different suppliers and country's All our beeswax candles are carefully handmade using 100% beeswax and are completely natural. Beeswax burns very cleanly with a sweet honey like smell and unlike Parrafin candles do not produce smoke or soot and burn with a bright yellow flame similar evening sun light Our luxury aromatherapy candles are made with the finest ingredients and essential oils, and are free from both paraffin, synthetic and soy wax. Our Flaxseed wax candles are a pure example of a guaranteed GM free luxury scented candle. Alll of our flaxseed and beeswax candles are handmade and produced in house following traditional methods.