Welcome to Picklecoombe House

About Us

Picklecoombe  House is a working Apiary and Honey Packer based in Leicestershire UK  and specialises in honey and Honey products from all over the world. Founded by Ian & Sarah Food  ( yes that’s our real names ) Picklecoombe House is our farm,  and we produce some lovely English Honey.

But we don’t stop there, our love for all honeys and honey products led us to expand to different honeys from all over the world and increase our product ranges with Gourmet Honey Products , Health honeys such as New Zealand  Manuka Honey and Beach Honeydew ,Honey and Apple cider mix’s to confectionery and Honey syrups

At Picklecoombe  we are constantly evolving and introducing new ways for people to enjoy honey without ever compromising quality.


Ian Food  Founder & Beekeeper

“My involvement with honey and bees has been a lifelong affair as I wanted to keep bees since I was a boy and was completely fascinated by how the hive and bees work , a truly natural and magical process that still fascinates me today.”